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If you're here, that means you've already done the hardest part -- you've started your business and realize it's time to GROW! Now, we're here to guide you through the really fun part. Our e-magazine (which we're giving you at no cost) is jam-packed full of the most essential and impactful tactics you need to start using now so you can see some serious results. 


"Jay Vics and his team hit it out of the park with this one. From building a solid strategy of turning strangers into raving fans, the importance of online reviews, and building conversations that turn into conversions, I would recommend this to any small business owner looking to learn what's working when it comes to marketing online. Well done!" 

Ryan Deiss

We know why you're struggling to grow

Lack of Automation

Tired of having to respond personally to people with the same question for the 17th time -- in one day? Take back your precious time with automated messages!

Poor Social Proof

You read the reviews online before doing just about anything, don't you? So do your customers. Make sure they have an abundance of great reviews about you to look through!

Lack of Focus

You need to invest your efforts into proven strategies. Having a Customer Value Journey mapped out is essential to the process of turning strangers into raving fans!

Lack of Conversions

Without a proven framework for your customer journey, consisting of everything from strong social proof to automation wherever you can, it's extremely difficult to see the growth that is so desired.

What’s Inside?

Put simply, the business guide you've been searching for. We're giving you an easily digestible dive into the three most important things you need to be doing for your business ASAP to see the growth you've only ever dreamed of. Here is an overview of what you'll find out inside:

The process you should take each customer (of the past, present, and future) through

How to get stand-out reviews and what to do once you have them!

The many ways that simple automations can propel your business to the next level -- or two or three

Who We Are

“Business owners tell us all the time... 'We don't know where to start, we don't know how, and we don't really know what we are doing'. This magazine aims to help begin to solve these issues.”
Jay Vics

CEO, JVI Mobile Marketing

"This really helped by providing options, next steps, and ideas where we were making things too difficult, then providing spectacular solutions that could be implemented with ease."

Manager at Organize With Jess

"Jay has a firm grasp on what can be accomplished in the digital world to lead to goals being met for businesses, and helps them to clearly understand the path that they can take to get there."

Owner of Kirby Illustrations

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